Gallery Photo of En Route by Kirsten Shannon

En Route

As an artist, you never arrive; never should. En Route exemplified that process. Journeying into work days of digging deeper, pressing forward, trying new things. Discovering. Of knowing that the act of holding the brush and squeezing the paint puts you in direct contact with inspiration through the process itself. It means falling hard for the physicality of the process. Aligning yourself with the creator of inspiration and growing in what you’re created to do. Making headway but knowing the territory is unchartered and always will be.

It asks only how you will arrive not when. After all, where will you arrive?

Thanks for traveling with me on this journey. Canvas laden with chroma reminds of that city or that feeling. The rhythm of the surface begs to be heard. Partake deliberately. Observe, listen and let your undertaking recalibrate your existence. Slow down. Oh, how the sojourn is rewarding both for the creator and for the beholder.

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