Rose Colored Glasses

Edgy yet harmonious, this body of work is a suggestion on how to engage the turbulent world in which we live. We’re tested on a personal and global level each and every day. We are called, however, to be optimistic and hopeful no matter what the milieu.

Questioning the jurisdiction of form and juxtaposing anarchy, I’ve worked to embody elements of chromaticism, loose layering and freewheeling marks that are characteristic of my work. A sense of joy pervades each piece.

There is freedom in this process. Letting paint run. Watching things happen. Embracing challenges. Yet, a natural explorer, I worked to craft original shapes and deliberate brush strokes that come alive and speak life, giving you the power to practice optimism.

And, if just for a moment, you find yourself seeing life through my spectacles, I hope you’re able to find peace in our topsy-turvy world.

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